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Committee Information

Banquet Committee:
     Each year the Music Boosters holds an end of the year banquet for the students and their families.  During this banquet, senior gifts get handed out and student recognition occurs for their participation in the music department and other various performing groups.  The committee is tasked with putting together this event.  As a member of the committee you are tasked with the following:
    1. Decide on the caterers and menu
    2. Hire a DJ for the evenings dance 
    3. Pick the location to hold the banquet (normally at the CHS cafeteria/rotunda)
    4. Decorations and clean up

Uniform Committee: 
     This committee will be in charge of handling the CHS Marching Band uniforms for the season.  They will be tasked with the following:
       1. Have an up-to-date record of all uniform inventory
       2. Fit the students and assign the students their uniform
       3. Create a record of what students are assigned which instruments
       4. Collect uniforms after the season is over
       5. Take uniforms to the cleaners after season